Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Thoughts on the 1st Day of the Playoffs

With four games yesterday, the playoffs started with a couple good games. Here's some thoughts from what I saw:

Bulls vs. Celtics
  • Wow. What a big win. I really like the way the young guys came out for Chicago, they were great.
  • Here's my thoughts on Ray Allen's performance.
  • This loss will probably be good for the C's in the long run. They will look much better in game 2, I'll put my money on that.
  • I know I haven't talked much about Derrick Rose on this site, but it's now time to start. He is a player you have to love, even if you're not a Bulls fan. The way he plays and also the way you never see his facial expression change lets you know how special he is. I am now on his bandwagon now for sure.
Do I even need to say anything about Cavs-Pistons? Hell no!

Blazers vs. Rockets
  • WTF? I really thought the Blazers would come out and show the national crowd how good they were. Guess I was wrong.
  • I was wrong about game 1, but I'm thinking they will make a come back in game 2. They did have jitters, they actually showed a sign of youth for once.
  • They really need to try different things with Yao. Maybe front him, play some zone, change it up all the time.
Today will be another day of four games. Make sure you tune in starting at 3! I will once again be tweeting some thoughts during the games.