Sunday, April 26, 2009

Site To Check Out: ProJoe Leagues

If you play basketball and like fantasy sports, look at ProJoe Leagues. It's a very different, intriguing approach to fantasy sports.

Here's what it's all about:

ProJoe Leagues is a way for athletes to track their team's stats online and then invite their teammates and friends to all create fantasy teams based on your team. It lets you see what it's like to be a Pro Athlete traded in Fantasy Teams on sites like ESPN.

Fantasy teams then pick a new team each week and however you and your teammates play determines which fantasy team wins that week. It's really fun and it makes playing on a team even more exciting and competitive!

ProJoe Leagues hosts all the major sports and stats. And in the upcoming months we'll allow teams to create custom sports and stats. We'll also be releasing an iPhone app at the end of the summer that'll help teams track their stats at the game and then immediately upload them.

In addition, we have a release coming out this month where rec teams can enter their game schedule and then automatically send evites to all players for upcoming games to see who can attend. This will be a big feature since most team managers have to do this themselves every week using Now it'll just be done for them... plus it'll give fantasy teams insight into who they should and shouldn't pick each week in case someone will be out.

I like the idea and the fact that they're trying to innovate in the fantasy sports world. Check out ProJoe Leagues and support them!