Thursday, April 02, 2009

My All Twitter Team

So with this NBA Twitter craze continuing to hit the players, I thought I'd pick a squad of all Twitter users!

PG: the_real_nash. I'm trying to build a team to win today. Nash can get us there now.
SG: jrich23. I know what you're thinking, TWO Suns! Well, this team is not going to have many more, at best one more.
SF: paulpierce34. He will be our go to scorer in the clutch, plus he'll give out tickets to all the Twitter All Star fans.
PF: chrisbosh. He'd be perfect in a run and gun with the other players, plus we can thrown down to him in the post, half court style.
C: THE_REAL_SHAQ. I considered, dwight_howard, but Shaq's a better Twitterer. Plus, he's found the fountain of youth this year.

If I had a couple bench guys, I'd go with t_time24 for energy and dgranger33 for more scoring.

If you could pick 7 NBA twitterer's for a team, who would you pick?