Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Sorry If You're a Pistons Fan

The Pistons lost again to the Cavs last night. They are now down 2-0 in the series and on their way to getting swept by the Cavs.

It has been one hell of a bad season for them. They finished under .500 and never really had any momentum this season. Honestly, if I was a Pistons fan, I would want this season to end as quick as possible.

For one thing, we know they aren't going to win a thing this year. If they got one win over the Cavs, I'd call that a tremendous accomplishment for this team. That's how bad they've gotten.

Also, we know that tons of cap is coming off of the books this summer. Next year they can clear space, develop some of those young guys they and get a lottery pick. Prepare for a team that can't make the playoffs, Detroit.

Don't cry Detroit, but your team sucks. Next year they won't make the playoffs (unless they spend money this off season) and they are basically waiting to be great again until 2010. Deal with it, better times will come soon enough.