Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hawks-Heat Series Simply a Roller Coaster

Last night the Atlanta Hawks were able to ward off the Heat to tie their series at 2-2. It was a game of runs, their was never really a few solid minutes of back to back baskets.

Some of that was because of lots of fouls that ruined the flow of the game. But, I've noticed that these teams either play real well or real bad. There's not usually an alright with these teams. That's because of a combination of youth and lack of consistent talent.

That makes the key to this series execution. The team that is able to execute on both ends and be hot from the field will win this series. Usually it's the team that starts off hot first that looks the strongest for four quarters.

Sure, what I said here was kind of obvious. But I noticed how inconsistent these teams are. That's how a non-title contender will play. Fans of these teams should expect real solid play, or the turning of an on and off switch. It's the sad truth, but it's how the Heat and Hawks play.