Friday, April 24, 2009

The Bulls Must Make Big Offensive Adjustments

The Bulls suffered a blowout loss to the Celtics at home in game three. This happened mainly because they were never able to get comfortable on offense and score consistently. While it may be a sign of solid Celtic defense, it's more a sign of poorly designed and executed Bulls offense.

Sit, stand and brick. That's what could sum up how the Bulls offense usually works. When I watch their half court offense, I see either a one-on-one play, or a simple high pick and roll. There really isn't lots of movement off the ball. It makes for a very ugly half court team at times.

Chicago is a young team and they have a rookie coach, but that doesn't mean they have no basketball IQ to their names. There should be some more advanced plays in their playbook.

There are a few simple plays that could make their offense less of an ugly duckling. I would run Reggie Miller and Richard Hamilton style off the ball pick and rolls for Ben Gordon early. He can curl off of those picks for open jump shots. Also, I would run backdoor cuts for the big men early; try to get them easy buckets. If they promote any movement off the ball; they will put themselves in less of an offensive hole.

While that hole may have been there partially because of strong Celtic defense, but I don't care. I've noticed their lack of good offensive sets all series. Just move the ball! Also, note to Brad Miller, it's a pick and ROLL, not a pick and take a couple steps forward.

I look for a better offensive attack from the get go in game four. That offense will also lead to better defense, especially getting into the face of the Boston three point shooters.