Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Reasons National NBA Games Are Annoying

Last night TNT had their usual Thursday double header. While ESPN and TNT do solid jobs of covering games, some of what they do really annoys me.

5. Pre-game shows. Why say some of the things you're going to say at halftime before the game? Sure, whoever they have will predict the winners and talk about recent NBA news. But, the only thing I really get out of the pre-game is a few laughs (from TNT only) and maybe some good info from David Aldrige. Stop stalling before the first game!

4. Only using mundane stats. Guys like Doug Collins and Hubie Brown may be smart people; but they have never acknowledged any new age, advanced basketball statistics. How about points per 100 possessions, eFG percentage, or shooting details (percentage of jumpers, close shots, dunks, etc.)? I want to hear some more unique and different stats put into their brodcasts.

3. Blowouts in the first game. Can you put on a close game for us East coast people please? A lot of the early games I've seen haven't been real close this year (think the recent Cavs-Magic game and the Mavs-Suns game). I know that a close game is never a guarantee, but just making them entertaining for three quarters would be a step up.

2. No love for bad teams. Just because a team has a bad record, doesn't mean they don't compete (Thunder). I wish they could give every team in the league just one national game a year. Not doing so is a sign of disrespect, no matter how bad a team may be.

1. Announcers go totally off topic. We all know there is a tendency for the guys calling the game to go way off topic. The ABC Sunday crew strikes me as one. There is basketball being played, pay attention to that, damn it! I don't want to hear about what you did last night before the game! Just call it right!

What/who do you hate in the national TV coverage of the NBA? Let's hear your voice!