Monday, March 02, 2009

Tonights Sched: Mondays Kinda Suck..

So, tonight there are maybe 2 good games out of the 5.

Hornets at 76ers
CP3 and bunch have been playing a little better recently. I don't feel they're contenders, but they can make for a good match up against the Sixers. Both teams can definitely score, also they have nice young bigs to boot.

Most intriguing match up: Tyson Chandler vs. Samuel Dalembert. This certainly won't be the best offensive match up, but won't it be fun to watch these guys scrap all game? That's the way they play, should be fun to watch. Close second: Andre Miller vs. Chris Paul. Two scrappy guards, but not as down and dirty Chandler and Dalembert.

So, the spread has the Sixers favored by 2.5. I'm going to go with the Hornets winning by three. Sorry, Sixers fans, your home crowd sucks at times.

Also, if you want to catch Heat at Cavs, I wouldn't blame you. I'm having a Monday burnout, so no talk around the hardwood, or anything else today. Sorry, but I'm going to try to possibly hit up Twitter later!