Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tonights Sched: Lookout For Flash!

Tonight, we've got 10 decent games on tap. So, which two get my seal of approval?

Suns at Heat
Two great individual performances could come from this one. The Heat don't have incredible depth at center; while Jermaine O'neal does a decent job on bigger guys, I'm thinking he'll get into some foul trouble. The Suns, ever since getting back to run and gun, will let pretty much anyone score on them. Dwayne Wade has been averaging an un-earthly 43.5 points over the last two games. Basically, it's up to him to score 50, or for the Suns to force it out of his hands.

Most intriguing match up: DWade vs. Jason Richardson. Not because it will be a real gritty defensive match up, but they can fill it up. It wouldn't surprise me if they trade baskets for stretches in this game.

The line for the game has the Heat favored by 3. Honestly, I'm having a hard time going with or against that line. On one hand, the Suns played last night and on the other, the Heat can be inconsistent at times. So, I'm going to bet against the Heat here (if I was betting). I'm not saying they won't win, but I just can't go with that line because the Suns might come in really hungry.

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Rockets at Jazz
Two tough, scrappy teams that have played well recently; this one should be fun. The Jazz have won eight straight; the Rockets have won eight of their last nine. While both streaks have been impressive, the competition really hasn't been very fierce. But now we'll see which team brings it against a team that's not an easy out.

Most intriguing match up: Andrei Kirilenko vs. Luis Scola. I don't think these guys will go at it all game, but if they do, it should be down and dirty. This is something Jeff Van Gundy would love to watch; two guys that will fight and fight for position; whoever wins triumphs while the other shows his feelings on his face.

Utah is heavily favored, by 8.5. I cannot go with that simply because I know the Rockets are going to compete. Sure, there's a chance for that spread, but Yao is starring me down right now, I can feel it.

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