Monday, March 30, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

Forget my stupid into, let's link!

  • Hooped Up. If you haven't found all of you NBA Tweeters, here's a list.
  • Fox Sports. Predicting Black Griffin's ability to make it big in the L.
  • YouTube. Interesting piece on Kobe for Real NBA.
  • Forum Blue and Gold. Talking about the Lakers tough loss in Atlanta and the playoffs, "I am not that worried about going into the playoffs with a ton of momentum. I said this in the comments but I think it bears repeating — the playoffs are another season all together. They have their own ebb and flow, and teams will improve during them. Remember last year — the Celitics looked like crap in the first round. And much of the second. Nobody thought they looked like a champion, getting taken seven games twice. How did that end? The playoffs are another animal, all together."
  • Hornets 24/7. Lots of good thoughts on the Hornets big W last night.
  • Pickaxe and Roll. A petition to make sure Birdman stays in Denver.
  • Fear the Sword. A little break down on the race for the best record in the league.
  • Pro Basketball News. "The Hornets are better in the rebounding and defense departments than they get credit for. No, they're not the Boston Celtics on D, but they have shown an ability to get key stops against good teams. Add that to an offense that features Chris Paul, and you have the making of a team that's built for the postseason."