Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stan Van Gundy A Hater?

Stan Van Gundy was in the news today, saying the Knicks don't appreciate Patrick Ewing (here's what he said). It seems like he's put his head into a couple of situations I certainly wouldn't put myself in (the little war of words with Shaq). So, that got me thinking, is Stan Van Gundy a hater (or just very complacent)?

Stan is kind of a hater. He's stuck himself into things he shouldn't be worrying about. Those recent comments about Ewing had absolutely nothing to do with him. What he said mostly had to do with the Knicks and, if there's any relation to the Magic, all it would involve is them losing Ewing as an assistant which could really hurt Dwight Howard's progression. If I was Otis Smith (or another high ranking Magic executive), I'd talk to Stan about keeping some things to himself.

In looking at his comments closer, I see that Stan knows the way he is ("I'm a cynical person," he says). Even if he knows what he's doing, I don't like what he's done. He should keep his focus where it needs to be; his team.

Lighten up Stan, you're too serious to be coaching Dwight Howard!

What do you guys think about Stan Van Gundy, is he a hater/complainer? Let's hear your voice!