Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playoff Power Rankings!

After a bit of an absence, Playoff Power Rankings are back!

1. Clevland Cavaliers: While their week wasn't filled with difficult match ups (Kings, Clippers, etc.), they are getting it done. They won each of their four games by an average 5 points. Solid performance, that's what you expect from the Cavs.

2. Los Angeles Lakers: While they've been doing well, as usual, I just struggle liking LA effort for 48 minutes. It's simply not always going to be there. I guess we have to expect that. Or, the players can rise and win be defeating that trend. 3-1 for a Lakers typical week.

3. Orlando Magic: I continue to be impressed by this team. They also didn't have tons of great opponents, but they blew threw the competition. 3-1 week for the Magic, who I'm warming up to.

4. San Antonio Spurs: Ahhh, the always solid, underrated Spurs. They've been solid lateley, even without Manu. I haven't seen a lot of his Spur minutes, but I'm sure Drew Gooden is starting to work his way into the Spurs system. 2-1 on the week.

5. Boston Celtics: I wanted to put them at #4, but I couldn't. I know injuries are a factor right now, but, from what I've seen, their offense has faltered and Starbury doesn't really look that great. Also, losses to Miluakee and Miami don't help. 1-2 for a Boston-is-kinda-worried week.

6. Atlanta Hawks: They easily had the best week of anyone in the league. Solid wins against the Hornets, Jazz, Pacers and Blazers. All solid teams that compete every night. Hopefully they can keep it up, I like their spunk.

7. Houston Rockets: This team always surprises me. They are still competing, even though everyone is counting them out of a title. But, they still play the game. 2-2, but close losses, by an average of 4.5 points (plus, it was the Lakers and Spurs).

8. Denver Nuggets: I had a tough time picking them over the Blazers. There week wasn't the tough, they want 2-1, beating the Clippers and Thunder. I still want to see better play from them. I like their play, but at times it really falls off.

9. Portland Trailblazers: I like this team, but I don't know if they're truly hungry. I know the Lamarcus Aldridge's, and the Brandon Roy's want to win. But, I am worried guys off the bench aren't as hungry. They need consistent ball movement, inside and out. Sometimes, the ball just stays inside or out. Time to step, your game up, Blazers. 2-2 week for Portland.

10. New Orleans Hornets: I am not the biggest fan of this team. I liked how they played last year, but haven't seen enough of last year in their play this year. They have done better recently, but they need to pick it up. 2-2 for a decent week.

11. Utah Jazz: They had a bad week, but I had to pick them because of their play lately. They stepped it up to where they need to be. They could have done better, but a 1-3 week didn't kill them.

12. Dallas Mavericks: They are at least trying out there. I know they won't win a title, so it really doesn't matter. 2-2 on the week, give it up Mark Cuban.

The rest: Are truly not worth talking about. Sure Miami went 3-1 on the week, but that's just Wade being Wade. The lower level of the East stinks, period. They have talent, but won't do anything. End of story.