Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nuggets Taking a Slide

The Denver Nuggets seem to be taking a slide over this last stretch. The mental complexion of their team doesn't feel right to me. Also, they have had a ton of road games lately, I don't know how much of that is affecting them.

The good
I like the way this team has performed since the trade for Billups. The team is more structured, they're not as crazy and wild as they've been in the past. Also, their schedule for the rest of the season is pretty good. 12 home games, 9 road games. A large number of the home games are winnable too. The Clippers, Nets, Kings and Warriors are coming to town; all must wins if they want a good playoff spot.

The bad
I am no expert, especially in terms of the Nuggets, but I kind of feel like they're not on the same page. Melo and Billups are fine once playoff time comes around. But, I feel like JR, Birdman, Nene and crew are more into the individual game than the team game. I could be wrong, but I just want to see and feel their cohesiveness.

Overall, I have been impressed by the Nuggets this season. They have played better than I thought they would, but, if they show me they're a legitimate second round contender, then I'll be impressed.

What are your thoughts on the Nuggets? Are you impressed or not?