Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NBA Part Time Jobs: Vladimir Radmanovic

This is one funny Serbian basketball player. As you can see in this picture to the left, he's got an interesting taste in clothes. He also has an attitude, he's going to get into it with someone a couple times a season. The best part about him, if you search him on Google images, you're guaranteed a couple funny pics.

The job: Member of the jury in Charlotte courts

Why: He knows this Charlotte teams isn't really going anywhere, even if they somehow get the eighth spot in the East. Also, he wants to put some people in the slammer because he doesn't like the world.

The courts in Charlotte saw Vlad as a guy who could bring an international perspective. He does, but he's one of the more unprepared members. He refuses t do any work at home, and he procrastinates a bit on cases.

One case that made the courts hesitant to pick Raddy was a case against a Serbian robber. They paid the price for it too, sounds like he rallied the jury against giving the guy life. He was given 10 years and soon Raddy's time as a juror would be over.

He fought with other employees, forgot to show up for a couple cases and was deemed a health hazard for smoking (check this picture out). Vladimir lived on though and vowed to do something bad to see his former employees again some day. Lookout for him, Charlotte police!