Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NBA Part Time Jobs: Scott Brooks

Disclaimer: The NBA is in changing because of the economy. Coaches, players, trainers and ball boys are struggling to make ends meet. So, we're going to fit people around the league into jobs they would seem suited for. Also, we want to have some fun and laugh!

Candidate: Scott Brooks

Why he needs a part-time job: He is working on only as an interim coach (for the Thunder, if you didn't know), struggling with only a little more than a million (probably more). He also cited a need for success in his resume. Also on his resume, "My hair is suited for news."

The job: News reporter, does the week-end news shift, either does weather, sports, or stories outside the studio.

Work nickname (given to him by an angry veteran co-worker): Brookey the Rookie

Overall, he'll be regarded as an okay worker. Sure he comes in, does his work well, but he'll never do enough research to break out of that lower tear. His performance reviews will rate him a 6.5 out of 10.

Ultimately, this is what will get Scotty back to the bench. He realizes that the Thunder are more important than a job that gave him about $3000 in a couple months (he called it play money until I asked the amount). He thanks assistant coach Paul Westhead for holding the weekend shift and gets back to coaching full time.