Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Late Talk Around The Hardwood

Let's get right to linking!

  • FanHouse. "Orlando's playoffs start tonight. Sure, the Magic have locked up a playoff appearance and are virtual locks for the third seed in the East. But the Magic's season at some point turned from just a rush to compete in the semifinals to "Hey, we can win this freaking thing."
  • About.com. Nate Robinson gives advice for how to play basketball when you're short.
  • AP. Great article on OJ Mayo, here's a quote you don't hear from most guys in the league, "It's been the most relaxed and ... comfortable I've been since maybe the fifth or sixth grade," said Mayo."
  • Vote O.J. To follow up on the last link, I saw this cool site, it promotes Mayo for ROY this year.
  • The Vancouver Sun. Sounds like Steve Nash is on an ownership group trying to bring MLS soccer to Vancouver.
  • ProBasketballNews. Steve Nash interview, I really miss the optimism he had before this season.
I wanted to find more, but honestly there's not a whole lot buzzing around today..