Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If This Game Were Food

Disclaimer: Everyone loves food. All normal humans eat and I happen to be a big fan of food. Aren't you? Well, I think it would be cool to combine two things I love. Basketball and food. So, we're going to look at certain match ups and consult with our stomach about how it would characterize this game as food. Every stomach thinks differently, so you and your stomach can voice you opinions in the comments. Cooks are especially encouraged to voice their opinions.

This is a really hot game. Houston is coming into this game with a four game winning streak and the Jazz have won their last 12 at home (where they will be tonight). So, we need to find a food that's hot, none of that cold stuff.

The Subject:

Some twists to this Fennel-Pepper Spaghetti: you have to use some of the hotter peppers (chili, etc.) and pour a little hot sauce to give it extra sizzle.

Why: Because it looks pretty good and it's hot. We know the Rockets have made another mini-run here, taking second in the West; the Jazz have turned it up at home. Their match up tonight will flow heat out of Energy Solutions Arena (looks like Utah could use it, the high's 49 degrees).

Who's going to eat their pre-game meal? The Jazz are only going to be hungry for a win. They have a couple of advantages: they are catching the Rockets on a back to back and they have home court tonight. Also, Deron Williams ensured me he'd have fennel-pepper spaghetti for his pre-game meal.

Don't burn you tongue watching this one tonight! Heat starts at 10:30 Eastern.