Monday, March 16, 2009

If This Game Were Food

Disclaimer: Everyone loves food. All normal humans eat and I happen to be a big fan of food. Aren't you? Well, I think it would be cool to combine two things I love. Basketball and food. So, we're going to look at certain match ups and consult with our stomach about how it would characterize this game as food. Every stomach thinks differently, so you and your stomach can voice you opinions in the comments.

So, this one was tough. I like both these teams, they are solid. They play hard and the Hornets have turned it up of late. So, I'm looking for a food that tastes good and is hard to make.

The Subject:

Some rules on the subject: it has to be made from scratch. The grit and toughness of these two teams isn't manufactured and if we're going to characterize this game in food, it has to come from the chef's heart.

Why: If I were to take a bit a decorative cake made from scratch while watching Rockets at Hornets, what I'd be eating and watching would be strangely similar. Theses teams know they're not the greatest in the West, but they still go out and put up effort, every night. If you're going to make a nice cake from scratch, you know you've got your work cut out for you. Really, these teams have their work cut out for them if they want a title. But yet, the still want to try to put in the work to see how far they can get.

Try to indulge in a cake made from scratch during this game, but don't give your piece to any of the players!