Friday, March 06, 2009

If This Game Were Food

Disclaimer: Everyone loves food. All normal humans eat and I happen to be a big fan of food. Aren't you? Well, I think it would be cool to combine two things I love. Basketball and food. So, we're going to look at certain match ups and consult with our stomach about how it would characterize this game as food. Every stomach thinks differently, so you and your stomach can voice you opinions in the comments.

Today, basketball is a game of money. The NBA revolves around money, its employees do and many other people rely on the NBA to get their paychecks. While it's also a physical game, finasse and control are required to execute at a high level. Looking at the individual match up, Cavs-Celtics, this game is sweet. Some of the top guys on the floor, on ESPN, everyone will be watching. So, we need something that is sweet, expensive, and something that can be enjoyed slowly.


Why: Godiva is the perfect combination of elegance and sweetness. The packaging and brand is fancy and the chocolate is pleasure-inducing for your taste buds. This is also something that's kind of expensive, but yet affordable. While going to the Cavs-Celtics game is expensive, watching the game can be affordable. Basketball is something to be enjoyed slowly, just as Godiva should be.

Also, they create commercials that make you hungry:

You get hungry when you see good food, you go crazy when you see LBJ posterize some Celtic big.

So enjoy this game slowly and don't eat too much Godiva!