Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Heat Can Score, When The Suns Defend

Last night the Heat beat the Suns with a pretty balanced scoring attack. But, this is a case where the stats are kind of off. Even though DWade didn't have to carry the team, the Suns don't play consistent defense, so Cook got open shots, most of their shots were open and easy. Daequan Cook can hit open jump shots all day long.

Even when they're not open, I'm not going to say the Heat supporting cast is terrible. For a team that won 15 games last year, they are a hell of a lot better. But, in no way can this group of guys support a competitor like Dwayne Wade. Everyone knows that he is hungry to get back on top and I don't care how good he is, this supporting cast can't help enough.

If I'm Pat Riley, I would be a little scared because a title could be five years away. That's how much this supporting cast needs to improve. I could be wrong, the young guns like Chalmers and Beasley could get a lot better quick. But, if my assumptions are correct, a title is far out of reach for the Heat.

How long until the Heat are title contenders?