Monday, March 09, 2009

Eddy Curry Likes The Band Ok Go

Today, Eddy Curry's name was in some headlines saying he's open to leaving the Knicks after this year. Before we talk about the big party Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni were planning to celebrate, let me tell you how I bet Marc Berman got this story for the New York Post:

So, Eddy Curry has an iPod Touch. Marc or some other Post reporter found this out because he saw him with it at practice. So, in order to get the true scoop on the soap opera that is the Knicks, they get some hacker to hack into it. They can look at all his information while his gear's in da locker. While going through his playlist titled, "these songs r da best," they found a couple of smash hits from the band Ok Go. Then, when looking at his txt's, they found one sent saying, "Here we go again, I can't do this 7 seconds or less man."

Also, when asked about his conditioning, Eddy really praises people that run on treadmills. "You know guys that are able to perform on those high performance machines, especially in something like a music video, I really envy that."

So, just to review, Eddy Curry is ok with going from the Knicks and OK listening to Ok Go! You OK with that?

Also some heads-up on the blog this week: I can't post a whole lot because I have to go to this thing called school. While I do it normally, I have some big tests I can't F up on, so I gots to focus. So, there will be posts, but not the normal load. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to the feed!