Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Baby Doing BIg Things

The Celtics haven't been in top form without All-Star forward Kevin Garnett. But, this injury has brought the skills of Glen Davis to light. He's getting starters minutes and he's shown he's got more than a big body. He's shown the ability to hit the jump shot, a couple post moves and solid hustle on both ends. His play makes his re-signing a no brainier if I was Danny Ainge.

It's not because Davis is a star player; it's because he fits the Celtics mold. He's a tough, defensive minded big man who's finding his way offensively. At 23, he's got more to learn too. His conditioning has to improve, it'd be sweet if he could shoot threes and defending without fouling is something he has to improve on.

Even though he can improve, he's better than I thought. I didn't think he had the mental toughness needed to contribute as much as he has (that idea came from his crying last year). But, he's surprised me, Boston and himself a little bit. A couple times when he got the ball against the Thunder last night, he scored when it didn't look like he really had the advantage on the defender.

While the big three have been great for the C's; Celtics management has to have their mind on the next group of guys that can play a big role in the next championship team. When you think of the young guys there now, I can see Baby playing a big role in future championship teams.

Your thought on Big Baby's play?