Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Reasons I'm Starting to Hate the Mavs

Look, I'm sorry in advance to Mavericks fans. Your team is solid, but I just can't stand it much anymore.

1. This team won't win ANYTHING! Sure, the team that Mark Cuban and the rest of the organization put together was a great regular season team, but they couldn't do anything in the playoffs, especially now. I don't want anyone to expect anything better than one or two wins in the first round for this team, at least until it gets blown up.

2. Dirk's talent is being wasted. Dirk is easily one of the best big men in the league right now (by that I mean he's got the skill level to match anyone). He has all kinds of skill, the jump shot, post moves, better defense than in the past; pretty much the whole package. Now, he's 31. In a couple years, people are going to be talking about a slight decline in Dirk. I want to see him win sometime, he's earned it.

3. They're too old. I have nothing against vets, but this team is loaded with vets. This team doesn't have many prospects for the future. Brandon Bass is the only one I'd be really interested in keeping around. The rest are decent role players, at best.

4. Rick Carlisle will probably get screwed again. I love Carlisle. He's a great coach, who always work his butt off to win games. But, he's put into situations like the Mavs. For some reason, he'll probably get fired at some point, not that he deserves it. I may be wrong on that, but, just like Dirk, I want to see Carlisle win too.

5. They traded Devin Harris. Everyone says this, but this really strikes me. I know everyone didn't think Harris was as good as he's turned out to be. But, he was a hell of a lot better than a fast declining Jason Kidd.

Sorry again to all you Mavs fans, but I'm starting to hate this squad. They will come back as a contender at some time, but I want them to blow things up soon (this summer), so they can speed up their comeback and get Dirk somewhere where he can get a ring.