Monday, February 02, 2009

Tonights Schedule: Lace 'Em Up!

The schedule in the NBA looks like a beauty tonight. There are two or three games worth watching. Let's get this Monday rolling.

Lakers at Knicks
Based on their last meeting, a 116-114 win for LA, this one will be an exciting, offensive battle. In the game at Staples, LA put up an average of 58 per half, while the Knicks put up an average of 57 per half. What more could you ask for? Each team will be running, maybe more than last time.

The Lakers will probably be without Andrew Bynum in this game. I am going to watch to see how this changes their offensive approach to the game. They are likely to run more, since one of their post scorers will be out. Pau will have to pick up the load offensively. Radmanovic and Josh Powell will also get more of a run without Bynum. The issue with that is I don't think Powell fits for this game. It's too quick of a pace for him to be effective offensively. He'll need to make his mark by patrolling the paint and pulling down rebounds.

In Knickerland, this is being described as "Hell" week. They have the Lakers, Cavs and Celtics at home. This is an important stand for them. I am also interested in seeing Danilo Gallinari's progression. I saw him in some of his first games this year, but he is still raw in areas. I am particularly interested in his one on one defense. A guy like Trevor Ariza could cause him all kinds of problems, he needs to perform tonight.

Blazers at Hornets
To be honest, these are two teams I haven't seen enough of. I have seen the Blazers at times, but not much of the Hornets (besides seeing the Magic blowing them out on Christmas day). I want to see how Portland plays on the road, especially in a loud place like New Orleans. If Roy ever switches onto Paul that could be fun to see.