Friday, February 06, 2009

Tonights Sched: W/E...

Tonight the schedule is kind of weak in the NBA. While there are some games that will be entertaining, those games will feature teams that aren't playing for a ring. This week has been filled with a lot of equal matches. I guess we've been spoiled.

The Raps are coming off of a hard fought loss against the Lakers, the Hornets have lost four straight, three of those at home. Sounds like CB4 is doubtful. This sounds like a formula for a Hornets win, easy. But I want to see what kind of effort the Raps will come out with. If it's similar to the way they played LA-that's good-win or lose. If they come out flat, it shows that they are not as confident without their star. I'm not saying you should expect to dominate without him, but you should always give your best effort.

For all of you betting online, the Hornets are favored to win by three. If Bosh isn't playing, I'd say that's a very good bet.

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Honorable mentions-
Portland at Oklahoma City-
The only reason being is they play good teams very tough. (Preview from Welcome to Loud City)
Orlando at Indiana-
I want to see if Granger looks any better, maybe a high scoring game also.
(Preview from Third Quarter Collapse)

If you wanna see a Friday blowout...
Watch the Jazz beat up on the Kings. They are coming off of a blowout against the Mavs, so this one should be winnable with their eyes closed.