Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tonights Sched: TNT Night

It's a TNT night, that means there's not a lot of ball on, but we can deal with two games that could be good!

Cavs at Rockets
I like the feel I'm getting from this game. The Rockets are one of those teams that play hard and that makes you want to root for the underdog. But, you have to like an root for a team in Cleveland that has been showing everyone they can play all year. So, as a fan, I like both teams.

Intriguing Match up: Yao Ming vs. Big Z. I like this match, two very tall guys who both happen to have soft touches. Probably won't be a tremendous match up, but they both have skills that other big guys really envy.

So, the Cavs are favored by 3.5. I like the Cavs to win, but I'm not jiving with that spread. Houston at home on national TV makes me a little worried. I'd go Cavs by 2 just to be safe.

Other previews: The Dream Shake

Also, I would like to see Lakers, Suns, but certain educational commitments will force me to miss it. Sorry basketball gods, I know I have angered you.