Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tonights Sched: Short, but Sweet!

Only three games on tap, but everyone's going to catch at least one!

Lakers at Celtics
You have to be intrigued by this match up. But Boston hasn't lost since January 11th, and they should keep rolling. LA is coming off of a close win against the Raps and Kobe will probably be only 75-85% Kobe. The C's will probably try to make the other Lakers beat them. They know that pretty much everyone besides Pau hasn't had a big game in a while.

So, for you people betting, the Celtics are favored by seven. I'd go with the Celts. It may be close through two quarters, or the Celtics will come out with one of those, we're going to kick your ass first quarters. If that happens, there's no contest.

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