Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tonights Sched: Hope it's Good..

It's a solid 8 game night here on this NBA Tuesday. But what eight games are worth seeing?

Magic at Bulls
Two teams that made some of the bigger deals around the trade deadline. I haven't seen Miller and Salmons play for the Bulls yet, so I'm looking forward to that. Orlando just needs to keep making the playoff push, should be a nice game.

Most intriguing matchup: Derrick Rose against Rafer Alston. Close second is John Salmons against Hedo Turkoglu.

The spread for the game has Orlando favored by two. Even though I haven't seen the new Bulls, I know the Magic can pull that off easily. They are a much better team.

Blazers at Rockets
Two solid teams that play hard every night, no matter who's on the court. That's what could help this game go down to the wire.

Most intriguing matchup: Brandon Roy, who will likely be guarded by Ron Artest. Great offense against one of the best defenders in the league, someone has to come out on top (also, Battier will give him hell tonight as well).

So, get on the League Pass tonight! Hopefully we won't miss any more incredible buzzer beaters!