Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tonights Sched: Good, Not Great

Tonight there are 11 games on tap tonight in this league we call the NBA. Some are assumed to be blowouts, but don't sleep on Denver at Oklahoma City (Melo stole there last match up with a late three). Orlando against the minor league LA team (the Clips), you don't need to bother putting on.

Cavs at Knicks
The only reason this game could really catch my eye is a LeBron explosion. While some would think that he would want to top Kobe's 61, this game should be more about Big Z. He is coming back from injury and has gone 8-24 from the field in the last two games. This game needs to be about getting him going from the perimeter. While he may be one of the tallest guys on the floor, 63% of his shots are jump shots. The Cavs can't go far with Z averaging 9.5 points per game (his average over the last two games). So, look for LJ to once again test Z's jumper early and if he's going, look for a high assist night from Bron.

Portland at Dallas
Portland lost to Dallas last time, they should get revenge in this one. I don't like what Dallas has done this year, so I'm picking Portland solely based on favoritism. That's how you preview a game!