Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonights Sched: Back on my Grind!

Now that All-Star is over, it's time to finish the second half of the season! I'm ready, are you?

Spurs at Knicks
The only reason this is appealing is because the Spurs are 26th in pace rank and the Knicks are 2nd. I want to see how the Spurs approach a team with a totally different style. Last time they played, the Knicks lost by 12 in San Antonio. But the last time they played it was early November. Both teams have grown considerably since then.

I do like the Spurs to win, but they'll give them a run for their money until the stretch run of the third. Then the Spurs will put on the jets.

Hawks at Lakers
Kobe vs. Joe Johnson. That's the first thing that appeals to me about this game. But really, my eye has kind of been off of the Hawks the last couple of weeks and I want to see if they come out determined to set a tone for this half of the season.

LA will come out with a bad quarter or quarter and a half. It will steem from a little All-Star hangover. Then, they'll come back and take it, close, but with LA clearly in control.

Honorable Mention: Clippers at Suns-first game for Terry Porter's replacement. Should be fun to see how much they run.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the second half of the season?