Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

So, today I promise a longer and better dose of linkage! You pumped?

  • Fear The Sword. "Delonte West may have pushed it a little too hard, too fast. The result was pain and swelling a spot on the bench a couple nights later. After an X-Ray and a visit to a hand specialist, West has decided to return to the lineup tonight against the Rockets in Houston."
  • Magic BasketBlog. Dwight Howard getting the NBA Community Assist Award-this guy is going through PR gold right now.
  • SOHOOD. NBA players really have it tough, ....not, "(Shawn) Marion has been buying new releases (DVDs) every Tuesday like clockwork since his NBA career began nine years ago. “I’ve got a sick collection,” Marion says but has no idea exactly how many movies he has. “Every Tuesday I go get whatever new releases have come out,” he explained, “but I haven’t done any of that (in Toronto). I have to get out to Best Buy. I’m like two weeks behind in my DVDs. I got to get caught back up.”
  • Epic Carnival. Little preview of Charles Barkley's Golf Channel show, doesn't look terrible.
  • Memphis Business Journal. NBA to borrow $175 million, I don't like the sound of that.
  • Dime, via Daily Thunder.
Seems like there's a lot of talk about the NBA and this economic situation we're in. We'll see if it keeps up, I don't think it's a good thing PR-wise.