Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

Our daily NBA link journey!
  • Welcome to Loud City. Thunder mascot to come after the All-Star break; hopefully it doesn't leak like everything else did about the relocation!
  • Hoops Addict. One-On-One with Darius Miles, he sounds like he's doing well.
  • Peachtree Hoops. The Many Sides of Josh Smith-great post about the ups and downs of JSmoov.
  • The Hoop Doctors. Why are NBA Players Mistiming The Big Balls Dance?
  • Deadspin. (On Gerald Wallace's broken ribs and his 2,400 mile bus trip to LA) "No word on if he will bring 12 drunk women in an effort to find true love."
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Anonymous said...

hyped up your last few and sent you friend request if you could do the same for me would appreciate it