Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

Our link journey around the league!
  • Forum Blue and Gold. "Last night was also a reminder that even without Bynum, this team is still a contender. This is not the team that went to the Finals last year — this is the team that went to the Finals with Trevor Ariza added to the mix and a year of experience for the then-overwhelmed younger players. This team is very, very good."
  • Welcome to Loud City. (On Desmond Mason Injury) "You can't give up 28 points per quarter and win games, you just can't, especially when you're not a Mike D'Antoni coached team. The Thunder are going to have to rely on some of the young blood on the team to pick up the slack defensively, otherwise its going to be a long few months left in the season.
  • Third Quarter Collapse. Great slew of updates on Jameer Nelson's injury.
  • Cuzoogle. Crush of the week-gotta have something to lighten up the day!
  • Denver Nuggets 24/7. Could Melo or Billups become All-Star reserves after all?

So it seems like players are getting hurt left and right. So here's my question to readers: who are your top substitutes for the All-Star game (if there are more star injuries)? It seems as though the West may have more openings, but East candidates are welcomed as well!

We want to hear from you in the comments!!