Monday, February 09, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood- Feb. 9th

It's Monday, back to the blogging grind!
  • StarTribune, via Canis Hoopus. Al Jefferson's probably down for the year with a torn knee ligament, sucks for Wolves fan. On the optimistic side, this will give rookie Kevin Love a chance to get more minutes, helping management see his full potential. Also, they may get a higher draft pick (sorry, that means more losing, Timberwolves fans).
  • Josh Q. Public. Is Boom Dizzle Still Alive?
  • Cavs: The Blog. This sums up the Cavs first home loss-"This is not my favorite day to have a Cavalier blog."
  • Bright Side of The Sun. An open thread on Amare trade rumors? Come on, I know they're shopping him, but unless they're general managers in the thread, I don't think you'll be on the cutting edge.
  • Blazer's Edge. Free Darko night! Wish I was in Portland! Sounds fun!
  • on 205th, and Hot Celebrity Asses. Look, I know it's a Monday, Monday's suck! So, here's a hot girl, and here's another hot girl (insert virtual pat on the back, here and here; sorry to any girls reading this, maybe next week I'll have some guy linked!).
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