Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood: All-Star Edition

All-Star time!! Anyway, let's link, I'm going to try to find only All-Star stuff!
  • Little info on the H-O-R-S-E competition, "The contest will take place outdoors at the NBA's All-Star Block Party on Saturday in Phoenix before TNT televises the All-Star Saturday night festivities. Players will have 24 seconds to execute their shots, and an NBA referee will rule if they're done properly. Dunking won't be allowed."
  • RootZoo. This guy Guy Dupuy has a lot of nice YouTube dunks, he wanted to be in this years dunk contest.
  • SI. Ten All-Star games to remember.
  • Gunaxin. Ten great basketball shots to use in horse.
  • daily dose of Sports. Top five NBA All-Star logos, I like the Dallas game logo the most.
  • Gunaxin. Some nice dunks, not from the dunk contest, but they're nice!
So, not a lot of games tonight but who cares! Now it's all about All-Star baby!


LeoneL said...

thanks for adding my post on the list. really appreciate it. :D

have a good one!