Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Thoughts on Last Night

Last night was a pretty good night for some NBA basketball. Thought time!
  • If you didn't see it yet, Devin Harris is awesome. Best buzzer beater I've seen in a while.
  • How harsh are Knick fans? Newly acquired Larry Hughes is already being booed. Even though he started 0-5 for the game, they need to give the guy more time.
  • Box score reaction: 41 for Nate Robinson? He played well for Will Ferrell, gave him an autographed jersey after the win.
  • Another Box score reaction: Brian Scalabrine scored five last night, putting his average to 9.5 PPG as a starter (last two games). Looking at how the minutes were spread out last night, it wouldn't surprise me if the C's brought Scal off the bench and started Powe or Davis.
  • The Jazz are really hitting their stride. Very solid wins recently, Boozer was back against the Hawks and had 2 points, and 5 boards for a +/- of 1.
So, what did you see last night? Anything noteworthy?