Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Thoughts on Last Night!

I saw the Cavs lose there second (first time this season) in a row to Indy, here are my thoughts!

  • Close call late. LBJ basically made a lob to Granger impossible to make. Looks like a good call though. LJ got the call, basically same thing happens, Granger deserves the call. My thoughts on the first foul were different. That should have been a no call, end of game. The reason the second was also a foul is because ref's have to make consistent calls.
  • Was there possibly a better way for the Cavs to defend? I mean, I know Granger has to be contained, I'm honestly not sure on that one. Any ideas on what the Cavs should have done defensively for .4 seconds?
  • Even though the Pacers are 21-32, I really respect their effort. They are well coached and they go out every night and use their strengths to try and win.
  • Pat on the back to Jim O'Brien. He has done a solid job and has earned my stamp of approval credit for how hard they play.
  • Travis Diener fits really nicely into the Pacers system. I am not surprised why the Pacers want to give up Tinsely, they have solid guard play.
  • LBJ looked frustrated with the loss. He was ready to leave before Granger intentionally missed the last free throw. This shows how the greatest think: just because he scored 47 points, he wasn't satisfied because his team lost.

What did you see in last nights 9 games? Let's hear in the comments!