Friday, February 20, 2009

NBA Simulators are Getting Good

So, yesterday I was very happy to finally get NBA 2k9 for Xbox 360. To say the least, I was impressed. I got to update the game with the most recent roster moves throughout the league, start The Association with the Raps as my team, and just get used to a solid NBA game. So, this got me thinking, how close are NBA games to being everything we expected?

Well, they are one or two years away. Technology will always be getting better, there will be room for improvement, but once they fully capture the attitude and feeling of the game, I'll be really happy. Eliminate the non-human feel, the almost emotionless expressions on players faces, let us feel what they feel. Using KG as an example, make us feel his intensity as the game goes on, let him finger wag in front of Calderon. Once they improve on the little things, the game will improve big time. I'm hoping a feature like that wouldn't just be for stars, they need to let psychologists slowly look at certain teams and update their game accordingly.

I could be picky about the gameplay itself and say guys run a little too fast at times, or they make shots they shouldn't, but I think the way the game is played is fine. Just add the attitude and atmosphere of the arena, a human idea, nothing that appears awkward, nothing that is an odd human interaction. That mixed with the games we currently have are the perfect formula for a winning game, a game that would rule over all others.

Doing that will not be an easy task. But great games don't try to take the easy route. So come on EA Sports and 2k Sports, tap into the feeling the NBA evokes!

Also, I direct this question to readers: how close are NBA games to being everything we expected?