Monday, February 16, 2009

Late Talk Around The Hardwood

All-Star weekend is now over and tomorrow we'll go back to watching normal NBA action. But until then, let's look at what you should read today!
  • Third Quarter Collapse. Interview with David Thorpe, they talk next years draft, the Knicks, LBJ 2010 hype, etc.
  • Blaze of Love. Kellex talks about what happened over the weekend. If you lived under a whole for that time, definitely check it out.
  • Cuzoogle. If you didn't catch this yesterday, it's a funny Photoshop of Shawn Marion. Laugh, it's Monday!
  • DraftExpress. Breaking down Greg Oden from his college play to now.
  • NBA's YouTube channel. If you missed some highlights from there, check their YouTube page out. That should pretty much have you covered. One I love was when AI revealed his new hairstyle.
No games tonight, so watch the CBS Monday lineup! I like it from 8-9:30 pm Eastern!