Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late Talk Around The Hardwood- Feb. 11th

So, All-Star countdown, we're really close. While we wait, let's link to some good stuff..
  • KnickerBlogger. "You can also see why it’s likely that the Knicks will try to move Harringon, Q and even Duhon - if not now, then by the 2010 trade deadline. When their contracts end in 2010, they linger as “cap holds” until the Knicks re-sign them or formally renounce them. Duhon’s cap hold, the smallest of the three, would still take up $7.8 million of that cap space."
  • The Dream Shake. "Ummmmmm, Go Rockets?!?!"
  • YouTube. Remember Jason Kapono's three point montage at last years All-Star game? Here it is!
  • on 205th. "Holy crap, Katarina Van Derham is hot."
Very short linkage today! Sorry about that. Tomorrow we'll have more and make it All-Star themed!