Monday, February 09, 2009

Lakers Making a Statement!

The Lakers have made a big statement to finish this road trip. Beating the Cavs and Celtics ON THE ROAD. Not easy to do, but right now they've got momentum.

I like what they're doing, but I'm always cautious about them. I wonder if they're playing on a Bynum's-out-high. Odom has clearly seen that he's got to step up, I wonder if it's going to be a constant from him. If it is, this team is on a clear title run. If not, I'm worried.

On Tuesday, LA is back at home against the Thunder. That is what I would call a borderline drop off game. You sweep a road trip, beat some of the elite, then play one of the worst teams record wise. Even though everyone sees the elite play the elite, it's Tuesday's game that makes a title winner a title winner. It's about kicking everyones ass every night!