Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Kobe Show: NYC is Invited

Last night was Kobe's night to shine. If you haven't heard by now, he put an incredible 61 points. A whopping 48.4% of all Lakers points. It wasn't one of those 40 shot nights either, just 31 shots and 20-20 from the line.

All of Kobe's points pretty much deflated the Knicks. They came out and tried to make a run in the third, but Kobe and others kept them at bay. If they would have come out and hit shots, especially the OMG how did you miss that shots, they might have been closer.

Sure, Kobe had a game to remember, but it's also a bad thing for LA. Here's a big stat from last night: Kobe and Pau combined for 72.2% of Lakers points. Win or not, that has to be a concern for the Lakers. While these two guys may be All-Stars, they will not always be on. What about when Boston and Cleveland defend those two and leave guys like DFish open? They have to contribute and find their offensive rythum early in games.
Vlade "What the hell is the triangle offense" Radmanovic was horrible. He looked clueless in his limited minutes. I don't know if it's lack of playing time, or what, but he has to come out and perform. He must make shots, that's really all he can do (sorry, you gotta show me something Vladamir!). On D, he needs to force his man out of the post. If he can do that, he can be halfway decent of defense. He just can't defend the post, same with the Knicks Danilo Gallinari.
Photo by: Kathy Willens