Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out, Marbury!

So, the Knicks have finally gotten rid of Stephon Marbury. Finally a stained Knicks era is over. But, now Marbury is on to bigger and better things.

Will he be a Boston Celtic? Probably; this will provide a real twist for the playoffs. The C's are looking a hell of a lot better off the bench. I felt a big was needed (someone better than Mikki Moore), but this could work somehow. They have Eddie House, Pruitt and others who come off of the bench to play point. Rajon Rondo would obviously be the starting point guard. Marbury will likely come off the bench. But, if I was Doc Rivers, I'd experiment with a small lineup at times. Imagine, Rondo, Marbury, Allen, Pierce and Garnett? Sounds like a lineup that could provide tons of offense. I would give it a go in practice, then break it out against the Clippers, Grizzlies, and other teams that you can experiment against.

Could he pose a problem for the C's locker room? NO, one player can not break up what they have easily. He also will be on his best behavior, he's hungry to win. Everyone will get him back in line if he gets out of line. To me, there's no worry there. But, they just need to be aware that he's a moody guy.

So, this is going to be what can help the Celtics repeat. The Lakers have better depth at PG now, but with this move, the C's can be better. The Cavs are a little weak in terms of backup PG's, but I don't know of any free agents that will be worth signing.

If Marbury goes somewhere else, that would just show you who he is. He's a guy you can never be to sure of, such an odd ball. But, I'm confident he'll be in Boston soon.