Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Contemplating The New Age Spurs

The Spurs are starting to end an era of tough defense and half court offense. Gone will be the old school bank shots, and players being totally put out of a game offensively. They will now bring in an era of three point shots and athletically gifted guards. How will the NBA function without a back to basics approach?

It's good because..
Fans that think the Spurs are boring will change their minds. People want to see George Hill run in for an athletic slam and they want to see the Red Rocket shoot three's from his shoulder. It will move the NBA fully into a new era (the Cavs are kind of still in defense mode, but they can score as well). Defense is becoming out of style and as bad as that is, every team is moving towards a more offensive approach.

I like it because I want to see people other than Tim Duncan, Parker and Ginobili provide highlights. We as a basketball republic (the world) can begin to appreciate what the Roger Mason's and the Matt Bonner's do for teams. If people can do that, the Kobe's and the LeBron's would be rated lower and the people that deserve praise can get what they deserve.

It's bad because
We are losing the fundamentals at an incredibly fast rate. I am not a huge fan of slow, grind it out basketball, but everyone needs to know how play it. Defense has to be there, or it might as well be a layup drill.

So, what do you think? Are the Spurs becoming a team that could run and gun and forget defense?