Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bulleted Thoughts on Last Nights Action

I caught a couple of games last night and I have some things to say!
  • Cavs-Knicks. Not a tremendous game, but it had its moments.

  • LJ had 52, this makes for Kobe and LJ carrying an average of 48.5 percent of their teams points (in their games against the Knicks).
  • Big Z looked a bit better. His shot still isn't going down with its normal frequency, but he's getting there. I heard Mike Brown call for a pick and pop a couple of times and Z hit on just about every other open look.

  • I wonder how much practice will figure into him getting his shot. I know the Cavs are a close team and maybe LJ can stir him into form.
  • The Knicks may want to consider getting the ball out of superstars hands. Clearly LJ and Kobe are going to be effective somehow, but they can't let them get into such great rhythm offensively.

  • Can Clyde Fraiser be a little less repetitive? I mean, I think he does an OK broadcasting job, but he loves a couple of words, tantalizing, and continuity. He must say those words almost two times a quarter (sometimes more)

  • Something I tweeted last night: how many hairs does D'Antoni pull out per game? He really gets crazy on the Knicks bench. He has got to be the funniest coach when it comes to reacting to calls. A lot of his reactions come in bunches as well.

  • Lakers-Raps. Overall solid effort from the Raptors. Kobe was just Kobe and the Raptors didn't have CB4 late (sprained right knee).

  • Kobe and Pau offensive percentage watch-Kobe and Pau went for 58% of the offense last night. Not bad, but still a little too much. Over the last two games Pau and Kobe have put up 65% of all Laker points. That's a problem that Odom, Ariza and DFish need to change.

  • We had a Chris Mihm sighting-in the first half! That was surprising, in the limited time I saw him, he didn't look to be in sync with what LA was doing.

  • Radmanovic still doesn't look good. I expect more from him, I bet his road performance is a lot worse than when LA was at home.

  • If Bosh is out for a bit, look for this team to fall into the gutter.

What was the best moment from last nights action? Let's hear in the comments!


Basketball Basic said...

This game reminds me of Jordan's historical game also against the Knicks in 1995.