Thursday, February 12, 2009

All-Star Thoughts!

So, I have All-Star fever! Maybe it's because last night's games were not that memorable (probably because I was only able to see the first quarter of Lakers-Jazz).

First, let's talk Rookie-Sophomore game. I actually like the Rookie roster more. The only thing that is against them is experience (and a big night from Kevin Durant). They should have a more balanced attack than the Sophomore's, who, like I said, might be scoring through Durant a lot.

Close game, rookie team will win by 1-3 points. Think different, let's hear in the comments!

I'd rather not talk about the Shooting Stars and the Skill challenge, they are not very entertaining.

The H-O-R-S-E competition on the other hand, could be fun. Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson and OJ Mayo will compete. I think Durant will be the most creative. This is his coming out arty to the national crowd, he's going to come up big. I honestly don't know who to pick here. Johnson has the best ability to shoot long shots, that makes me want to pick him. But Durant and Mayo will be more creative, do something people might not have done before.

Skipping over the Shooting Stars and Skill Challenge, let's talk about the Dunk Contest. Contestants: J.R. Smith, Dwight Howard, Rudy Fernandez, and Nate Robinson. Let's eliminate Rudy from the conversation first of all. He's a nice in game dunker, but won't show as well a dunk contest.

I'm going to pick Howard, followed by Smith, then Robinson. Smith will give him the best run for his money, even though he was a late addition to the contest. What will ultimately stop him is D12 and his dunk contest legacy. Last year he went out and did a tremendous job with the superman cape. Now this year, he's going to have to go out, come close to what he did last year and hang up the cape for good. I bet this will be his last dunk contest, so he'll want to win it.

So, now I'm ready for Friday through Sunday night! Are you?