Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Scoop With Kellex!

Every week we're going to talk to someone who looks at a certain field that relates to basketball. This week, Kellex Barr from Blaze of Love and The Sports Dollar was kind enough to be the first victim!

NBAtipoff: Thanks for joining us on the first edition of Scoop feature. Could you talk to us about the Blazers recent play, tell us things you've liked and didn't like.

Kellex: Their play has definitely been sporadic and not in a good way. Inconsistent play on the offensive end from Roy and Aldridge have led to some disappointing losses to subpar teams. On a positive note though, Greg Oden had his first monster game as a professional and gave everyone a glimpse at what the future could hold. Let's just hope he can stay loose and build on it.

The Blazers offense hasn't looked as fluid recently without starting point guard Steve Blake. Since the team doesn't have a pure point without him, what's the best way Nate McMillan can keep the ball moving?

Kellex: Well, when you lose your starting point guard, things are going to look different for any team. Luckily for the Blazers, they have a solid, although sometimes inconsistent, backup in Sergio Rodriguez. Plus the rookie Bayless has also come off the bench as a spark without Blake. In the few games Stevie has been gone, one of those two that I just mentioned has stepped up to help the team win.

On a softer, non-Blazers note, was Blaze of Love the biggest snub from the big, new Truehoop Blog Network?

Kellex: Haha, funny you ask. I'm not sure Heny would really allow a Blazers blog in seeing as he is such a Blazers fan himself. Although I would have been honored to be a part of the network, I'm still satisfied with my independent work. It'll be interesting to see how those blogs grow now that they are a part of the mothership.

If you could pick any five (or six?) Blazer combination to be on the floor (not old school, just active Blazers today), what would be the dream offensive and defensive sequence?

Kellex: Well...Roy, Aldridge, Oden, Fernandez and Batum. Spread the floor for Brandon and let him work his magic.
Defensively, the team has experimente with both Przybilla and Oden in at the same time with varying results. It's still always fun to see the two towers out there.

NBAtipoff: So Rudy Fernandez was voted into the dunk contest. He's definetley not the favorite, but as a Blazers fan, will you show love even if he's not the best?

Kellex: I'll always root for a Blazer especially when it is helping get the team some positive press after the Miles debacle. I think any intelligent basketball fan knows that Rudy doesn't stand a chance in hell, but you never know, he could pull some secrets out of that Spanish hat.

NBAtipoff: So how far do you think Portland can go this year?

Kellex: With the way they are playing right now, I wouldn't say they'll make it anywhere. They have been far too inconsistent to make any sort of run. But after the All-Star break, it's a new ballgame and if they can put together a special run like they did last year...watch out!

How far can they get in the playoffs?

Well it depends on where they end up in the first round. if they end up 8th, they'll probably get swept by the Lakers. If they can climb up to 7th, 6th, or 5th, then you may see them sneak out of the first round. The Rose Garden gives them such an advantage, plus their road play is far superior to last year's.

NBAtipoff: Where do you see them three years from now?

I'd love to say "championship" but you just never know. These days, it's hard to keep a team together and actually watch them grow. I think teams are more into the buying-a-championship method like the Celtics did. And a lot of it also depends on the growth of Oden. If he can become a force down under, they could be scary good.

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