Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lakers Loose to Bobcats?

I didn't see this game, but the final made me curious. Kobe fouled out in the first overtime, easy excuse for the Lakers to come up with. The Lakers need to make a plan to win without Kobe in those times.

It all depends on the defecit. If they're down by three or more, Lamar Odom should be the primary weapon. He can create his own three point shot, or drive and kick out to another shooter. If they're down by one or two, Gasol and Bynum are the go to guys. Gasol is more sound on the block, although Bynum has developed solid footwork.

Phil Jackson needs to have at least five set plays for this. I'm going to think about some, more on that later. The Lakers are the best offensive team, but down the stretch it's really just a Kobe team. They have offensive weapons, but they just need more set plays down the stretch.

Photo by: Chris Carlson