Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Knicks Are One of the Most Entertaining Teams!

Mike D'Antoni's face turns bright red after a blown call in the post, Nate Robinson parades down the bench after every made basket; this encompasses the sheer entertainment value of the Knicks. They are truly one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA.

High and Lows
It's fun to watch this team go from happy to sad and back again. When they get on a run, you can feel the energy just watching it. Nate Robinson pumps his fist, QRich bounces up and down and they get up and bump each other once the other team calls a timeout. They typically will let a team back into the game at some time, then frustration insues. Robinson wears his emotions on his sleeve, D'Antoni yells and begs for more out of his squad.

Robinson's Antics
Nate Robinson has to be one of my favorite Knicks. It's not even because of his play, it's because of his pure enthusiasm. He lets it all hang out on the court, it's fun to watch.

Duhon's Control of the team
Duhon is not the most talented point guard, but he leads the Knicks well. He has good control of the team; he knows when to pull the ball back and get into halfcourt offense, he also knows when to run the ball.

So, watch the Knicks and see if you see what I see. The crisp highs, the crisp lows (taken from a Bose commercial from NBA TV, btw) of the team, Nate Rob's crazieness, Duhon's complete control. The game they've got against the Lakers Monday will be fun to watch.

Got a pick for most entertaining NBA team? Let's hear it in the comments!