Monday, January 19, 2009

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NBAtipoff delivers exclusive coverage of everything basketball! In-depth analysis of games, pointing out funny tendencies and trends, or scowling at the latest NBA knucklehead, I’ve got you covered!

Owner: Alex Curtis-Slep
At 20 years old, I'm already a blogging vet. Blogging since I was nine, I'm a complete NBA-junkie. My eyes are glued to league pass 24/7, I'm either watching, playing, or writing about basketball!

I look forward to making this a top site. As the NBA constantly evolves, so will this site. Who’s ready for the ride?

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Alex Curtis-Slep

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Contributor: Rob Small

Rob is a journalism student at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. A Sacramento native, he has covered the Sacramento Kings for multiple local outlets since 2009. Aside from contributing to the NBAtipoff, he also writes about the Kings on

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Ben York said...

Unreal. I had no idea Alex was 15 with the way he writes; not to mention his insight for the game combined with his beyond-his-years professionalism. Highly recommended site for any type of basketball fan.

Ben York

Gabe Kornell said...

Your mom told me to check out your blog - AWESOME! ESPN needs to hire you NOW!

Brian said...

great content here and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. I too am trying to break through in the blogging world and make a top site and possibly a career. Good luck and thanks.